The Institute combines lectures on various facets of EITM approaches, lab instruction sessions, research seminars by leading scholars, and rich feedback for participants on their own ongoing research from lead faculty, faculty mentors and other participants.

Week 1  / July 18 - 24

Theory + Methods

  • July18: Intro to EITM

  • July 19: Theory and Credible Empirical Analysis

  • July 20: Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models

  • July 21: The Method, Role, and Future of Formal Theory

  • July 22: Messy triangulation: Theory & Evidence in Historical Political Economy

  • July 23: What is Your Estimand? Defining the Target Quantity Connects Statistical Evidence to Theory & Unsupervised Learning and Its Vagaries

  • July 24: Knowledge in the Service of Society - Government + Industry Perspectives

Roughly half of alumni cite EITM as the origin of a new collaboration which led to tangible research results.


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Week 2  / July 26 - 31

The Big Picture + Research Exemplars

  • July 26: Practicum 1: building and testing formal models of coalition politics.

  • July 27: Practicum 2: building and testing formal models of Congress.

  • July 28: Practicum 3: building and testing formal models of authoritarian regimes

  • July 29: Practicum 4: building and testing formal models in IR

  • July 30: Practicum 5: building and testing formal models

  • July 31: Experiments and External validity (Panel)